This section is a summary of my background and to tell you about my research concerning the Bermuda Triangle. I have also completed a program with Bruce Gernon for the History Channel that will air in June of 2009 and a program for the National Geographic Channel (Air Date TBD) and a program with the Discovery Channel on the Bermuda Triangle.

My interest started back in High School when I read The Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and more importantly, Flight 19, a story about a training flight of 5 U.S. Navy TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers. The 5 Avengers left Fort Lauderdale on 5 Dec 1945 on one clear sunny afternoon and never returned. Transcripts of the radio transmissions from the flight indicated that, pilot spatial disorientation, chaotic weather conditions and malfunctioning compasses were contributing factors in the ultimate flight’s demise. I started to think, how, could you prevent this from happening again. What was it about this area that took so many lives, and had so many secrets.

With all the different courses that I teach, I began to see many common threads between the subject material of Astronomy, Physics, Meteorology and the Earth Sun relationship. I wondered about the energy flow from the Solar Winds and initially how does this influence the development of Thunderstorm activity on land and over the Ocean.

(As a quick aside, NASA has confirmed the energy flow from space to the Earth’s Atmosphere and back.) So I started over four years ago to gather up documents to support the space energy flow and past weather data for the South Eastern part of the United States to make comparison between Sun Spot, Solar Wind activity and Atmospheric conditions that could give rise to more intense Thunderstorms. As I started to analyze the data I noticed a trend unfolding and I wondered how this would also affected marine and air operations. I started to ask myself questions, about the Bermuda Triangle, was there a scientific explanation for some of these occurrences or would it still remain a mystery.

The Bermuda Triangle has been in our living history for well over 300 years. The unexplained events that have occurred within the Bermuda Triangle have created the lore and stories that bring a chill down the backs of most people. My research explores the effects of highly energetic independent mega Thunderstorm formations, which generate copious amounts of ions in its surrounding area of influence. These special Thunderstorm formations can conduit incoming energy from space all the way to the ground.

These events can affect aircraft over 50 miles from the cloud activity. The resultant ionized Ocean air can attach to an aircraft, causing instrument outages and spinning compasses. These special conditions depend on cloud size, the position of the mega storm relative to land and ocean, the current synoptic weather and space weather conditions. The resulting weather conditions can cause aircraft to crash, be lost and or go missing and in some documented cases can cause linear and time displacements.

These synoptic conditions are not just limited to aircraft but anything within its influence such as ships at sea. The data is overwhelming and the discovery has so many implications, it boggles the mind. The research that I have conducted addresses primarily hazards to aircraft and marine operations. I have investigated over 32 cases and have recreated the weather forensics for 23 cases. After the analysis of the data the end result showed that over 87 percent of the missing aircraft fell within similar synoptic and space weather conditions. So the research has produced a set of forecast parameters which I am starting to use to compile data to validate the occurrence of the Mega Electric Thunderstorm and what Bruce Gernon calls the Electronic Fog. Ultimately Bruce Gernon and I would like a Notice to Airman (NOTAM) be issued when these conditions arise, so we can prevent aircraft fatalities in this region of the world.

I have also investigated Bruce Gernon’s case of linear displacement. His case has really intrigued me. I believe Bruce is the first documented case of a human that has experienced the warping of Space. It initial sounds outrageous, but, the facts are there to support his encounter of 4 Dec 1970. An interesting note, almost twenty five years earlier to the day, the infamous account of Flight 19, 5 Dec 1945 occurred. Now does that leave you with a chill down your back! I have also uncovered some new contributing factors to the loss of Flight 19. I believe the encounters and conditions within the Bermuda Triangle can be explained and can also be found at other places around the world when certain synoptic and space weather criteria are met.


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