Space Warp Research

Professor Pares and his assistant, Matt Judah have recently conducted laboratory experiments demonstrating the existence of micro space warp. Inspired by his own craft sighting, at the age of 16, Professor Pares has explored the concept of linear displacement. Pares uses an original concept developed by Miguel Alcubierre who proposed the concept of bending space in front of a vehicle to achieve faster […]

Miguel Alcubierre

  In 1994 Miguel Alcubierre came up with the Space Warp concept, in which he proposed a method in theory to cause the fabric of space ahead of a spacecraft to contract and the space behind it to expand. A ship would ride inside this region characterized as a local space warp bubble of flat space.  Since the ship is not moving within this bubble, […]

By David Pares and Matt Judah

►The Micro Warp Experiment uses the concept that when a laser beam is put into a crossed field generated by two tripole antennas  the laser light will be compressed which will be indicated by the fringe patterns generated on the display screen from the laser based interferometer. ►A web cam will be activated when the fields are active and take […]