Bruce Gernon’s Flight

Bruce Gernon’s Flight  BRUCE GERNON WEB SITE Media-TV  4 December 1970  The archive records indicated a sun spot number of 84 and a large solar wind of 706 km/sec which created a disturbance of the magnetosphere and energy flux transfer directly into the atmosphere.  This caused radio and navigation (spinning compass) problems on the day of Bruce Gernon’s flight. In Bruce’s case this will […]

45 Seconds

The point in listing some of the things I am involved with is that my encounter was truly a defining moment for me. (45 seconds that changed my life). This is the actual house where the sighting took place 37 years earlier. The trees have grow around the property, but it still gives somewhat of a perspective of the craft […]

By David Pares and Matt Judah

►The Micro Warp Experiment uses the concept that when a laser beam is put into a crossed field generated by two tripole antennas  the laser light will be compressed which will be indicated by the fringe patterns generated on the display screen from the laser based interferometer. ►A web cam will be activated when the fields are active and take […]