The point in listing some of the things I am involved with is that my encounter was truly a defining moment for me. (45 seconds that changed my life).

This is the actual house where the sighting took place 37 years earlier. The trees have grow around the property, but it still gives somewhat of a perspective of the craft relative to the ground as it flew over the mountain August
The additional documents and pictures are similar occurrences that are all to close to my sighting 37 years earlier.

The pictures are from the Art Bell Coast to Coast radio show from Vermont a few years ago ( From Image achieve Vermont UFO Art Bell Coast to Coast).

The interesting thing is that the pictures show a similar perspective angle over the hill. If I had to recreate my experience this would be very close. The other photo was from a pilot report from Hungary Sept 2001

My father told me, Oh for God’s sake! You didn’t see anything, What!

Are you crazy? Now, look you better not tell anybody about this, what people would think. You don’t want people putting a label on you? Do you
The old saying what goes around comes around; well I think maybe I remembered that remark that morning.

The vehicle was platinum in color (a luster that only platinum presents), no windows, greenhouse, no hatch or panel outlines, protrusions, engines, smoke or noises with one exception. A light air buffing sound could be heard as the craft moved through the air, a similar sound when air buffs against the canopy when flying in a glider. The disk was about 60 feet in diameter with about a 10 to 12 foot girth to the middle of the craft.